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Chrome World by Travis W. Inman captivated me from page one. Compelling action, well-written characters, thrilling adventure and an ending that will leave you wanting more, this is definitely a story you don’t want to miss!


—Erica Marie Hogan, author of The Winter Queen Series and The Good German Girl 

One small step for a young man, one giant leap for a misfit into a multiverse of action, humor, and heart. Teenage Zane has a lot to learn when he travels from Earth to Chrome World to fulfill his secret legacy and stop a menace that spans the solar system. And Chrome World has a lot to learn from him. If you relish the promise and peril of parallel worlds and root for inter-dimensional underdogs, you’ll love this book.


—Jason William Karpf, Realm Award finalist, author of “Basilica Obscura,” The Deliverer, Brimstone 1. 

Travis W Inman has transported me once again into a new dimension of his imagination! He has a gift for helping his readers step right into those vivid pictures.  He is not just telling a story, his is putting you right there to feel the excitement, the pain, all the emotions the characters are feeling as they are flying around on this magnificent adventure! I didn't believe Chrome World could be topped, but Travis has outdone himself again. I may have to do some rereads of these first two books before the final books in the series are released, just so I can stay connected with all the characters I love and all the ones I love to hate!

--- Jenn Leigh Pengelly, Professional Audiobook Narrator


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