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Inspired by biblical parables, these nine short stories set in the wonders of the galaxy are sure to delight and inspire … 

… When a mothership carrying the solar system’s survivors malfunctions, teens from different factions must lead their people to their promised land, the planet Eden.
… After losing his fortune and his fleet, a renowned space pilot finds himself returning home to a planet run by the father he’s disowned. Will the father choose mercy or justice for his son?
… When earth’s greatest scientist pursues his dream of creating life on a new planet, he finds more than he could ever have dreamed of.
… Moena-P wants to uncover the truth--does the outer-galaxy planet called Kharis and its independence-granting king really exist ... or are they just rumors by the opposition?
… When a remote widow star system is threatened, only persistence and resilience can win over a wicked galactic arms dealer.
… Heartthrob Alex Powter trades in his superstar status for secret agent when an unlikely group of rebels recruit him to save the galaxy.
… As the sun enters its final phase, Garrett is faced with a choice—should he enter the portal and start over, or stay behind and join the resistance?
… Dax Mor, a poor Lezian farmer on a mission to provide for his family, will discover who his friends truly are in this journey among the stars.
… When an alien race arrives bent on using humans as reproductive hosts, Earth's only hope rests in a group of eight experimental heroes.

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