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Zane Banach’s life is turned upside down ... 

When he touches a crystal at a local museum and finds himself standing in a pressurized dome on the Moon, trying to make sense of what happened. Until he touched the crystal, he was an ordinary senior at Alamogordo High School. His main distinction was his love for comic books and his ADHD. He reluctantly tells Deagan and June, his foster parents, about his experience and is shocked when they set him down to reveal the truth. 


Zane was born in a parallel reality and was brought to his present reality when he was four years old in a desperate attempt to protect him from Zar Nero, the madman from Mars Colony who is determined to destroy Earth. Zane learns moments before his father’s death, his dad implanted secret plans to a powerful weapon in Zane’s brain before his evacuation. Deagan must find a way to retrieve the weapon design, while Zane is forced to deal with echoes of the past—images that lead him on a wild journey across parallel realities and on to an Earth hovering on the brink of war.


Now he must figure out how to blend into a world advanced centuries beyond his wildest dreams. He wants to follow his father’s footsteps and join the fight to save Earth. But first, he has to learn how to order food. Take a shower. Open a door. Wear clothes. And not bring attention to himself while he flails about in a futuristic world of wonders. 

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