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Earth and Space

Earth Fire Series Book 2
Now Available

Now you've joined the adventure!
Join Zane and his Section 8 friends as they explore their next steps - specifically, let's take a moon walk, hop across a cluster of asteroids, explore the long abandoned mines under Artemis Dome, and uncover Griff Banach's secrets.  What Zane learns will change the future of humanity...

What readers have to say

When Love Called

If you like a good love story, you will love this book! When Love Called is a beautifully written story of three very real characters, each suffering in their own way, brave enough to open their hearts again to find true love. I can't wait to read more from this talented author.

Sara Vinduska,
Author of The Drawing Man and Reflections

Then Came Grace

Thankfully I was able to attain book two, Then Came Grace, immediately after reading When Love Called.  For I could not have sat quietly waiting! Appreciate Travis Inman's ability to take us out of our own life and invite us into others'. Through his characters real emotions, I was drawn in, anxiously at times, to find out how God was going to make anything redemptive of Caton Harvey's story. And I was not disappointed.

Amazon Review

Shadows: One Choice A Future Makes

Millions are living in the shadows and Travis inspires and intrigues in his wonderful work, Shadows, that also illuminates the path toward hope and healing.

Stephen Arterburn,
Co-author of Every Man's Battle and

Founder of New Life Ministries

Shadows: One Choice A Future Makes

In Shadows, Travis W. Inman gives readers a glimpse into the heart and mind of one good man...with feet of clay.  Using a kaleidoscope of emotion, Inman sheds light on the dark secrets that hide deep inside all of us, a stark reminder that not even the most pious of us is above temptation.

Loree Lough,

Author of 100+ award winning novels, including Saving Alyssa and A Man of Honor




Travis W. Inman grew up in the West Texas ranch country, spending his first 20 years cowboying with different ranches. He had a desire to enter the ministry but could never find the proper fit. After serving for a year as a traveling missionary throughout South America and Mexico, he finally found his place—and it required a uniform! The Army was his next adventure, although short-lived. After a year in the infantry, he sustained a life-changing injury and received a medical discharge. He then found his way into civilian service, where he became a field agent with the Department of Homeland Security, working along the northern and southern borders. During his 20 years with DHS, Travis volunteered as a Police Chaplain, and served on the Traumatic Incident Event Response team, responding to such events as active shooter incidents and deaths of his fellow employees.


Travis is now retired from law enforcement, and is concentrating on his writing, being a grandfather, and traveling with his wife of almost 30 years. If you’re looking hard enough you can find him roaming the world, searching for hidden treasures, sampling local cuisines, and typing feverishly on his next novel.

In The Press

New Release: Moon World
                        Earth Fire Series, Book 2

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